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Meet Tanishia


Tanishia Wright is a selfless licensed healthcare provider in South Florida. She worked for 6 years as a registered nurse caring for pediatric and adult patients. She enjoyed her career so much that she took it a step further and obtained her Master’s degree as a nurse practitioner from Nova Southeastern University. While working in the healthcare field, she developed a skill that allows her to have a keen eye for unforeseen possibilities. This skill allows her to become a master at planning and conquering. Working in the healthcare field allows Tanishia’s schedule to be so flexible that she’s now able to venture into a business of her own. She considers herself a lifetime learner and is always ready to go beyond what’s expected of her.

Due to a death in her family, Tanishia became interested in life insurance, after witnessing the financial burden it can cause when a family is unprepared. She and her father spoke about life insurance a year prior to him passing away, however they never took action. For this reason, she is more so passionate about educating others on the importance of having life insurance. Her family had to not only endure the pain of losing a loved one, but they also had to abruptly create a plan to ease financial hardships. She knows firsthand what it’s like to be placed in emotional turmoil due to being unprepared. Tanishia used this pain to do her due diligence so that she can prevent everyone possible from ever experiencing what she and her family endured. She learned that life insurance isn’t just for burial purposes. It can also be used as a vehicle to build generational wealth. Tanishia is a licensed life insurance agent and works with top companies, such as Transamerica and Nationwide.

Which brings us to the birth of Heirloom Legacy Financial…

Tanishia is here to offer her one-on-one guidance and knowledge as it is vital to building a business and having your personal credit & business credit on point. Cash is King, but Credit is Power! While repairing your credit, she will educate you on how to build it, maintain it, and use it to your advantage. Good credit will lower your bills and can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars! Having credit power opens doors that we never thought to knock on. Tanishia has learned how to leverage her credit in order to build generational wealth and she wants to show you how to leave a legacy for your loved ones as well.

Time is something that is unpredictable, but Heirloom Legacy Financial can help you predict the Legacy you and your family deserve.

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